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Who is Corey Citron?


A serial entrepreneur since the age of 9 when he started his own pita bread pizza business in the third grade to fund the purchase of his first computer (a Commodore 64k in case you’re wondering), Corey has followed his independent spirit and failed his way all the way to the top. A 20 year veteran of the direct selling profession, Corey has risen up the ranks from being broke and living at home with his mom to building massive worldwide organizations and reaching the pinnacle of success as both a distributor in the field as well as most recently, company founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Yoli – The Better Body Company.

Corey is a widely acclaimed marketer, visionary leader, and motivational speaker, as well as an avid tennis player, reader, snowboarding junky, dedicated DJ, blessed father, husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and loyal friend to many!

What People Are Saying:

“Corey is a great leader and visionary. What really sets him apart is his entrepreneurial drive combined with his desire to lead others to a higher place and a better life!” – Chris Widener, author of the Art of Influence.

“Corey is one of the few leaders and company owners left in our profession that has actually built what he is teaching others how to build. And he has proven he can build it anywhere and anytime. Parachute Corey into any city in the world and he will attract a room full of on fire people within weeks. He is a Master of the Arts of our profession and a brilliant strategist and leader. He is one of the chosen and trusted ones…in whose hands the future of our profession is held.” – Richard Bliss Brooke, Author, Mach II: The Art of Personal Vision and Self Motivation, and The Four Year Career®

“For over a decade, whenever I’ve seen Corey stumble, I’ve also always seen him review the process, revise the plan and re-envision himself and his team winning. Early on he recognized that if you want to win, there was no other option. The longer he persisted in the pursuit of something, the more confidence and determination he developed. His purpose showed up in his perseverance and he’s become a great example of someone whose staying power translated into dream-achieving power. Leaders consistently serve, push forward, grow, learn, improve… and Corey embodies this type of leadership. Today he also has the luxury of long-term perspective. He has intentionally filled his circle with dreamers and doers, with people who believe that great things can happen.” -Art Jonak, World-Class Networker and Founder of The Mastermind Event®


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